While people continue to argue about the science, the conspiracy theories, and the gaping flaws in countries like the United States; there's one thing that is certain. The pandemic has changed society forever.

You may have noticed that during this time, some groups have been devastated.  People in retail, factory workers, the service industry as a whole are forever changed.  As these groups dream of a "return to normal", another group has all but ensured that will never happen.  Enter the technologists.

It isn't intentional, it was going to happen at some point anyways.  With 5-G moving from science-fiction into mainstream reality, combined with artificial intelligence, and the ever-blurring lines between Cyberpunk novels and actual Augmented/Virtual Reality the old world didn't stand a chance.  

The only real question is, how do we turn these things to our advantage?  Before we can find a path forward we need to understand the starting point.  When we finally start to reopen the world, hopefully soon, what did the last few years do while we were glued to the television?

Artificial Intelligence And The End Of Work
A vision of the future in which AI replaces rather than augments human activity has a cascade of profound implications.
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